TDV Adapter for Couchbase

Build 22.0.8462


This sets the server-side timeout for the query, which governs how long Couchbase will execute the query before returning a timeout error.

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Th default is -1, which disables the timeout. When enabling the timeout, the value must include both an amount and a unit, which can be one of: "ns" (nanoseconds), "us" (microseconds), "ms" (milliseconds), "s" (seconds), "m" (minutes) or "h" (hours). For example, "5m" and "300s" both set timeouts of 5 minutes.

There is a server-side timeout as well called the "index scan timeout", which will override this one if it is lower. By default the index scan timeout is 2 minutes, but it can be changed by setting the "indexer.settings.scan_timeout" property on your Couchbase server.

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Build 22.0.8462