TDV Adapter for Couchbase

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Specifies the similarity degree where different schemas will be considered to be the same flavor. Applies to Automatic Schema Discovery when TypeDetectionScheme is set to INFER.

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This property specifies how similar two schemas must be to be considered to be the same flavor. As an example, consider the following rows:

Row 1: ColA, ColB, ColC, ColD
Row 2: ColA, ColB, ColE, ColF
Row 3: ColB, ColF, ColX, ColY

You can configure the columns returned for each flavor with different InferSimilarityMetric values, as in the following examples:

  • If you set InferSimilarityMetric to 1, the adapter will return no flavors.
  • If you set InferSimilarityMetric to 0.5, the adapter will return 2 flavors, Row1 and Row2 making up one, and Row3 making up another.
  • If you set InferSimilarityMetric to 0.25, the adapter will return a single flavor containing all rows.

You can then query document flavors using dot notation, as in the following statement:

SELECT * FROM "Items.Technology"

This property enables additional configuration of Automatic Schema Discovery when you are using the Couchbase Infer command -- TypeDetectionScheme must also be set to Infer to use this propery.

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Build 22.0.8462