TDV Adapter for Couchbase

Build 22.0.8462


The character or characters used to denote Analytics dataverses and scopes/collections.

Data Type


Default Value



When using the Analytics serivce, the adapter will scan all datasets from all available dataverses. To avoid potential name conflicts, it will include the dataverse name and the dataset name in the generated table name.

By default this is set to ".", so that if there is a dataset called "users" on the "Default" dataverse, then the table generated will be "Default.users".

This property is also used when generating table names for collections (on both N1QL and Analytics) on Couchbase 7 and later. For example, a bucket called "users" that has two collections called "active" and "inactive" under the "status" scope would be detected as the tables "" and "users.status.inactive".

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Build 22.0.8462