TDV Adapter for Couchbase

Build 22.0.8462


This section provides a complete list of the Miscellaneous properties you can configure in the connection string for this provider.

AllowJSONParametersAllows raw JSON to be used in parameters when QueryPassthrough is enabled.
ChildSeparatorThe character or characters used to denote child tables.
CreateTableRamQuotaThe default RAM quota, in megabytes, to use when inserting buckets via the CREATE TABLE syntax.
DataverseSeparatorThe character or characters used to denote Analytics dataverses and scopes/collections.
FlattenArraysThe number of elements to expose as columns from nested arrays. Ignored if IgnoreChildAggregates is enabled.
FlattenObjectsSet FlattenObjects to true to flatten object properties into columns of their own. Otherwise, objects nested in arrays are returned as strings of JSON.
FlavorSeparatorThe character or characters used to denote flavors.
GenerateSchemaFilesIndicates the user preference as to when schemas should be generated and saved.
InsertNullValuesDetermines whether an INSERT should include fields that have NULL values.
MaxRowsLimits the number of rows returned rows when no aggregation or group by is used in the query. This helps avoid performance issues at design time.
OtherThese hidden properties are used only in specific use cases.
PagesizeThe maximum number of results to return per page from Couchbase.
PeriodsSeparatorThe character or characters used to denote hierarchy.
QueryExecutionTimeoutThis sets the server-side timeout for the query, which governs how long Couchbase will execute the query before returning a timeout error.
ReadonlyYou can use this property to enforce read-only access to Couchbase from the provider.
RowScanDepthThe maximum number of rows to scan to look for the columns available in a table.
StrictComparisonAdjusts how precisely to translate filters on SQL input queries into Couchbase queries. This can be set to a comma-separated list of values, where each value can be one of: date, number, boolean, or string.
TimeoutThe value in seconds until the timeout error is thrown, canceling the operation.
TransactionDurabilitySpecifies how a document must be stored for a transaction to succeed. Specifies whether to use N1QL transactions when executing queries.
TransactionTimeoutThis sets the amount of time a transaction may execute before it is timed out by Couchbase.
UpdateNullValuesDetermines whether an UPDATE writes NULL values as NULL, or removes them.
UseCollectionsForDDLWhether to assume that CREATE TABLE statements use collections instead of flavors. Only takes effect when connecting to Couchbase v7+ and GenerateSchemaFiles is set to OnCreate.
UserDefinedViewsA filepath pointing to the JSON configuration file containing your custom views.
UseTransactionsSpecifies whether to use N1QL transactions when executing queries.
ValidateJSONParametersAllows the provider to validate that string parameters are valid JSON before sending the query to Couchbase.

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Build 22.0.8462