TDV Adapter for Couchbase

Build 22.0.8462


This section provides a complete list of the Authentication properties you can configure in the connection string for this provider.

AuthSchemeThe type of authentication to use when connecting to Couchbase.
UserThe Couchbase user account used to authenticate.
PasswordThe password used to authenticate the user.
CredentialsFileUse this property if you need to provide credentials for multiple users or buckets. This file takes priority over other forms of authentication.
ServerThe address of the Couchbase server or servers to which you are connecting.
CouchbaseServiceDetermines the Couchbase service to connect to. Default is N1QL. Available options are N1QL and Analytics.
ConnectionModeDetermines how to connect to the Couchbase server. Must be either Direct or Cloud.
DNSServerDetermines what DNS server to use when retrieving Couchbase Capella information.
N1QLPortThe port for connecting to the Couchbase N1QL Endpoint.
AnalyticsPortThe port for connecting to the Couchbase Analytics Endpoint.
WebConsolePortThe port for connecting to the Couchbase Web Console.

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Build 22.0.8462