Excel Add-In for Couchbase

Build 21.0.7930

Data Model

Depending upon the connection settings being used, the add-in can present several different mappings between Couchbase entities and relational tables and views. For more details on each of these capabilities, refer to the NoSQL portion of this documentation.

  • When connecting to the N1QL query service, the add-in models Couchbase buckets as relational tables. In addition, if TypeDetectionScheme is set to DocType or Infer, the add-in will present different document flavors in each bucket as their own tables.
  • When connecting to the Analytics service, the add-in models Couchbase datasets as relational views. The add-in can retrieve datasets from all available dataverses or just one, based upon the value of the Dataverse property.
  • When connecting with either service, the add-in can also expose arrays of data within a bucket as their own tables or views.

All of the schemas provided by the add-in are dynamically retrieved from Couchbase, so any changes in the buckets or fields within Couchbase will be reflected in the add-in the next time you connect.

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Build 21.0.7930