Excel Add-In for Couchbase

Build 21.0.7930


Determines how to connect to the Couchbase server. Must be either Direct or Cloud.

Possible Values

Direct, Cloud

Data Type


Default Value



By default the add-in connects to Couchbase directly using the address given in the Server option. The Server must be running the appropriate CouchbaseService to accept the connection. This will work in most on-premise or basic cloud deployments.

This should be set to Cloud when connecting to Couchbase Cloud or a custom deployment that uses service records. These records will allow the add-in to determine the exact Couchbase servers that provide the appropriate CouchbaseService. You must also set the DNSServer property so that the add-in is able to fetch these service records.

Note that enabling Cloud mode will override these connection properties with the values discovered by contacting the cluster:

  • Server
  • N1QLPort
  • AnalyticsPort

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Build 21.0.7930