FireDAC Components for Couchbase

Build 21.0.7930

Data Model

Depending upon the connection settings being used, the component can present several different mappings between Couchbase entities and relational tables and views. For more details on each of these capabilities, refer to the NoSQL portion of this documentation.

  • When connecting to the N1QL query service, the component models Couchbase buckets as relational tables. In addition, if TypeDetectionScheme is set to DocType or Infer, the component will present different document flavors in each bucket as their own tables.
  • When connecting to the Analytics service, the component models Couchbase datasets as relational views. The component can retrieve datasets from all available dataverses or just one, based upon the value of the Dataverse property.
  • When connecting with either service, the component can also expose arrays of data within a bucket as their own tables or views.

All of the schemas provided by the component are dynamically retrieved from Couchbase, so any changes in the buckets or fields within Couchbase will be reflected in the component the next time you connect.

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Build 21.0.7930