ODBC Driver for HPCC

Build 21.0.7930

Execute Queries on a Linked Server

This section describes how to execute queries to the HPCC linked server from any tool that can connect to SQL Server.

When executing queries from a linked server, you must use a four-part name format, as shown below.

[<Linked Server Name>].[<DSN Name>].[<Schema Name (normally but not always the service name)>].[<Table Name>]


  • Linked Server Name is the name of the linked server that you created.
  • DSN Name is the name of the data source.
  • Schema Name is the name of the system schema or user-defined schema.
  • Table Name is the name of the table you are copying data from.

SELECT Statements

To create new records:

SELECT * FROM [Linked Server Name].[CData HPCC Sys].[HPCC].[hpcc::test::person] WHERE Industry = 'Floppy Disks'

Execute Stored Procedures

To execute stored procedures, you must first enable RPC and RPC Out in the settings for the linked server. Then, you can use the following set of commands to run the stored procedure:

DECLARE @RunStoredProcSQL VARCHAR(1000);
SET @RunStoredProcSQL = 'EXEC SelectEntries ObjectName=''Account''';
EXEC (@RunStoredProcSQL) AT [Linked Server Name];

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