ODBC Driver for Microsoft Exchange

Build 23.0.8839


Events table for Exchange data provider.



Events からすべてを取得したり、Event (Id)、CalendarId を指定したり、あるいは結果を特定のカラムでフィルタしたりできます。

Note:AlwaysRequstTableDependencies 接続プロパティを指定、あるいは参照カラムCalendarId で選択またはフィルタリングしない限り、CalendarId の値はNull のままです。

Note: To retrieve all Events for Other user (Works only in case of OAuthGrantType=CLIENT), you can specify the query like -

SELECT * FROM Events WHERE UserId = '0409f710-2aa9-4f05-8944-ef382160f1d1' AND CalendarId IN (SELECT Id FROM Calendars WHERE UserId = '0409f710-2aa9-4f05-8944-ef382160f1d1')


新しいイベントを作成するには、タイムゾーンを含むstart とend が必須です。

INSERT INTO Events (Subject, Body_Content, Start_DateTime, Start_TimeZone, End_DateTime, End_TimeZone) VALUES ('New Test Event', 'Event created using Office365Provider', '2016-01-01T10:00:00', 'UTC', '2016-01-01T11:00:00', 'UTC')



Name Type ReadOnly Description
id [KEY] String False

categories String False

changeKey String False

createdDateTime Datetime False

lastModifiedDateTime Datetime False

attendees String False

body_contentType String False

body_content String False

bodyPreview String False

end_dateTime String False

end_timeZone String False

hasAttachments Bool False

iCalUId String False

importance String False

isAllDay Bool False

isCancelled Bool False

isOrganizer Bool False

isReminderOn Bool False

location_displayName String False

location_locationEmailAddress String False

location_address_street String False

location_address_city String False

location_address_state String False

location_address_countryOrRegion String False

location_address_postalCode String False

location_coordinates_altitude Double False

location_coordinates_latitude Double False

location_coordinates_longitude Double False

location_coordinates_accuracy Double False

location_coordinates_altitudeAccuracy Double False

location_locationUri String False

location_locationType String False

location_uniqueId String False

location_uniqueIdType String False

locations String False

onlineMeetingUrl String False

organizer_emailAddress_name String False

organizer_emailAddress_address String False

originalEndTimeZone String False

originalStart Datetime False

originalStartTimeZone String False

recurrence_pattern_type String False

recurrence_pattern_interval Int False

recurrence_pattern_month Int False

recurrence_pattern_dayOfMonth Int False

recurrence_pattern_daysOfWeek String False

recurrence_pattern_firstDayOfWeek String False

recurrence_pattern_index String False

recurrence_range_type String False

recurrence_range_startDate Date False

recurrence_range_endDate Date False

recurrence_range_recurrenceTimeZone String False

recurrence_range_numberOfOccurrences Int False

reminderMinutesBeforeStart Int False

responseRequested Bool False

responseStatus_response String False

responseStatus_time Datetime False

sensitivity String False

seriesMasterId String False

showAs String False

start_dateTime String False

start_timeZone String False

subject String False

transactionId String False

type String False

webLink String False

calendarId String False


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似カラムフィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
groupId String

userId String

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