TDV Adapter for Exchange

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Create, update, delete, and query Contacts items.

Table Specific Information


You can query ExtendedProperties for a specific resource from the following resources: Events, Calendars and Messages. In order to get the value for an extended property you need to specify: - Entity field, wether it is Message, Event or Calendar - EntityId, the Id of the resource - Id, the id of the extended property.

SELECT * FROM ExtendedProperties Where Entity = 'Event' And EntityId ='AQMkAGRlMWQ5MDg0LWI5ZTQtNDk2Yi1hOTQ1LTU4YzFmMzEwZjlhMgBGAAAD-FjxR3cIwE6TEGSCVtIHcwcAQyR2Iw3coEOaUD1BLt0tnAAAAw8AAABDJHYjDdygQ5pQPUEu3S2cAAZq-GA0AAAA' And Id = 'String {66f5a359-4659-4830-9070-00047ec6ac6e} Name Color'


You can create an extended property in a resource, by specifying Entity, EntityId, Id of the extended property and its Value.

Insert Into ExtendedProperties (Entity, EntityId, Id, Value) Values ('Calendar', 'AQMkAGRlMWQ5MDg0LWI5ZTQtNDk2Yi1hOTQ1LTU4YzFmMzEwZjlhMgBGAAAD-FjxR3cIwE6TEGSCVtIHcwcAQyR2Iw3coEOaUD1BLt0tnAAAAwcAAABDJHYjDdygQ5pQPUEu3S2cAASHbEoeAAAA', 'String {66f5a359-4659-4830-9070-00047ec6ac6e} Name Color', 'Yellow')


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id String False

The Identifier of the extended property

Value String False

The value of the extended property

Entity String False

The entity type.

EntityId String False

The entity id that the extended properties belong to.

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