JDBC Driver for Microsoft Active Directory

Build 23.0.8839

Data Type Mapping

The driver maps types from the data source to the corresponding data type available in the chosen cache database. The following table shows the mappings between the data types configured in the schema and the data types in the database. Some schema types have synonyms which are all listed in the Schema column.

Data Type Mapping

Note: String columns can map to different data types depending on their length.

Schema .NET JDBC SQL Server Derby MySQL Oracle SQLite Access
int, integer, int32 Int32 int int INTEGER INT NUMBER integer LONG
smallint, short, int16 Int16 short smallint SMALLINT SMALLINT NUMBER integer SHORT
double, float, real Double double float DOUBLE DOUBLE NUMBER double DOUBLE
date DateTime java.sql.Date date DATE DATE DATE date DATETIME
datetime, timestamp DateTime java.sql.Date datetime TIMESTAMP DATETIME TIMESTAMP datetime DATETIME
time, timespan TimeSpan java.sql.Time time TIME TIME TIMESTAMP datetime DATETIME
string, varchar String java.lang.String If length > 4000: nvarchar(max), Otherwise: nvarchar(length)If length > 32672: LONG VARCHAR, Otherwise VARCHAR(length)If length > 255: LONGTEXT, Otherwise: VARCHAR(length)If length > 4000: CLOB, Otherwise: VARCHAR2(length)nvarchar(length)If length > 255: LONGTEXT, Otherwise: VARCHAR(length)
long, int64, bigint Int64 long bigint BIGINT BIGINT NUMBER bigint LONG
boolean, bool Boolean boolean tinyint SMALLINT BIT NUMBER tinyint BIT
decimal, numeric Decimal java.math.BigDecimal decimal DECIMAL DECIMAL DECIMAL decimal CURRENCY
uuid Guid java.util.UUID nvarchar(length) VARCHAR(length)VARCHAR(length) VARCHAR2(length)nvarchar(length) VARCHAR(length)
binary, varbinary, longvarbinary byte[] byte[] binary(1000) or varbinary(max) after SQL Server 2000, image otherwise BLOB LONGBLOB BLOB BLOB LONGBINARY

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Build 23.0.8839