JDBC Driver for Microsoft Active Directory

Build 23.0.8839


The driver models the data in Microsoft Active Directory as a list of tables in a relational database that can be queried using standard SQL statements.

CData JDBC Driver for Microsoft Active Directory Tables

Name Description
Account The account object class is used to define entries that represent computer accounts.
ApplicationEntity X.500 base class for applications: Directory Service only uses subclass MSFT-DSA.
ApplicationProcess X.500 base class for applications: Exchange only uses subclass DSA-Application.
ApplicationSettings Base class for server-specific application settings.
ApplicationSiteSettings Contains all site-specific settings.
ApplicationVersion Can be used by application developers to store version information about their application or its schema.
BuiltinDomain The container that holds the default groups for a domain.
CertificationAuthority Represents a process that issues public key certificates, for example, a Certificate Server.
Computer This class represents a computer account in the domain.
Contact This class contains information about a person or company that you may need to contact on a regular basis.
CRLDistributionPoint The object holding Certificate, Authority, and Delta Revocation lists.
DHCPClass Represents a DHCP Server (or set of servers).
DnsNode Holds the DNS resource records for a single host.
DnsZone The container for DNS Nodes. Holds zone metadata.
Domain Contains information about a domain.
DomainDNS Windows NT domain with DNS-based (DC=) naming.
DomainPolicy Defines the local security authority policy for one or more domains.
DomainRelatedObject The domainRelatedObject object class is used to define an entry that represents a series of documents.
ForeignSecurityPrincipal The Security Principal from an external source.
Group Stores a list of user names. Used to apply security principals on resources.
GroupOfNames Used to define entries that represent an unordered set of names that represent individual objects or other groups of names.
GroupOfUniqueNames Defines the entries for a group of unique names. In general, used to store account objects.
GroupPolicyContainer This represents the Group Policy Object. It is used to define group polices.
IpHost Represents an abstraction of a host or other IP device.
IpNetwork Represents an abstraction of a network. The distinguished name value of the Common-Name attribute denotes the canonical name of the network.
Organization Stores information about a company or organization.
OrganizationalPerson This class is used for objects that contain organizational information about a user, such as the employee number, department, manager, title, office address, and so on.
OrganizationalRole This class is used for objects that contain information that pertains to a position or role within an organization, such as a system administrator, manager, and so on. It can also be used for a nonhuman identity in an organization.
OrganizationalUnit A container for storing users, computers, and other account objects.
Person Contains personal information about a user.
PosixAccount Represents an abstraction of an account with Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) attributes.
PosixGroup Represents an abstraction of a group of accounts.
PrintQueue Contains information about a print queue.
SecurityObject This is an auxiliary class that is used to identify security principals.
SecurityPrincipal Contains the security information for an object.
Server This class represents a server computer in a site.
Site A container for storing server objects. Represents a physical location that contains computers. Used to manage replication.
Top The top level class from which all classes are derived.
TrustedDomain An object that represents a domain trusted by (or trusting) the local domain.
User This class is used to store information about an employee or contractor who works for an organization. It is also possible to apply this class to long term visitors.

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Build 23.0.8839