Power BI Connector for Adobe Commerce

Build 23.0.8839


SalesTransaction is an auto generated table. The supported operations are Querying data from this table.


Name Type Description
AdditionalInformation String Array of additional information. Otherwise, null.
Id String id
ChildTransactions String Array of child transactions.
CreatedAt Datetime Created-at timestamp.
ExtensionAttributes String This is an auto-generated column
IsClosed Int Is-closed flag value.
OrderId Int Order ID.
ParentId Int The parent ID for the transaction. Otherwise, null.
ParentTxnId String Parent transaction business ID.
PaymentId Int Payment ID.
SearchCriteria String This is an auto-generated column
TotalCount Int Total count.
TransactionId [KEY] Int Transaction ID.
TxnId String Transaction business ID.
TxnType String Transaction type.

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Build 23.0.8839