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ProductAttributes is an auto generated table. The supported operations are Querying data from this table.

Table Specific Information


The 本製品 will use the AdobeCommerce API to filter the results by AttributeSetId while the rest of the filter is executed client side within the 本製品.

The AttributeSetId column must be specified in the WHERE clause to retrieve results from ProductAttributes. AttributeSetId can be used only with the equals (=) operator. For example:

SELECT * FROM [ProductAttributes] WHERE AttributeSetId = '123'


Name Type Description
ApplyTo String Apply to value for the element
AttributeSetId String attributeSetId
AttributeCode String Code of the attribute.
AttributeId [KEY] Int Id of the attribute.
BackendModel String Backend model
BackendType String Backend type.
DefaultFrontendLabel String Frontend label for default store
DefaultValue String Default value for the element.
EntityTypeId String Entity type id
ExtensionAttributes String This is an auto-generated column
FrontendClass String Frontend class of attribute
FrontendInput String HTML for input element.
FrontendLabels String Frontend label for each store
IsComparable String The attribute can be compared on the frontend
IsFilterable Bool It used in layered navigation
IsFilterableInGrid Bool It is filterable in catalog product grid
IsFilterableInSearch Bool It is used in search results layered navigation
IsHtmlAllowedOnFront Bool The HTML tags are allowed on the frontend
IsRequired Bool Attribute is required.
IsSearchable String The attribute can be used in Quick Search
IsUnique String This is a unique attribute
IsUsedForPromoRules String The attribute can be used for promo rules
IsUsedInGrid Bool It is used in catalog product grid
IsUserDefined Bool Current attribute has been defined by a user.
IsVisible Bool Attribute is visible on frontend.
IsVisibleInAdvancedSearch String The attribute can be used in Advanced Search
IsVisibleInGrid Bool It is visible in catalog product grid
IsVisibleOnFront String The attribute is visible on the frontend
IsWysiwygEnabled Bool WYSIWYG flag
Note String The note attribute for the element.
Options String Options of the attribute (key => value pairs for select)
Position Int Position
Scope String Attribute scope
SourceModel String Source model
UsedForSortBy Bool It is used for sorting in product listing
UsedInProductListing String The attribute can be used in product listing
ValidationRules String Validation rules.

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Build 23.0.8839