Power BI Connector for Adobe Commerce

Build 23.0.8839


このセクションでは、本プロバイダーの接続設定で設定可能なAuthentication プロパティの全リストを提供します。

AuthSchemeThe type of authentication to use when connecting to AdobeCommerce 2.x.
URLSet the URL to the HTTP or HTTPS endpoint of your AdobeCommerce system. For example, https://adobecommercehost/. We should not append magento2 as suffix in the url if you are connecting to cloud instance.
UserUsername of the currently authenticated user. Used to connect to AdobeCommerce 2.x servers only.
PasswordPassword of the currently authenticated User . Used to connect to AdobeCommerce 2.x servers.
AccessTokenThe AdobeCommerce Access Token.
StoreCodeSpecifies the code of the store against which the API requests are executed.

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Build 23.0.8839