TDV Adapter for Magento

Build 21.0.8137


OrderItems is an auto generated table


The adapter will use the Magento API to filter the results by ItemId while the rest of the filter is executed client side within the adapter.

The following examples demonstrate the types of queries processed on the server.

  • Retrieve information about all order items:
    SELECT * FROM OrderItems
  • Filter by ItemId to get detailed information about an order item:
    SELECT * FROM OrderItems WHERE ItemId = '3'


Name Type ReadOnly Description
AdditionalData String False

Additional data.

AmountRefunded String False

Amount refunded.

AppliedRuleIds String False

Applied rule IDs.

BaseAmountRefunded String False

Base amount refunded.

BaseCost String False

Base cost.

BaseDiscountAmount String False

Base discount amount.

BaseDiscountInvoiced String False

Base discount invoiced.

BaseDiscountRefunded String False

Base discount refunded.

BaseDiscountTaxCompensationAmount String False

Base discount tax compensation amount.

BaseDiscountTaxCompensationInvoiced String False

Base discount tax compensation invoiced.

BaseDiscountTaxCompensationRefunded String False

Base discount tax compensation refunded.

BaseOriginalPrice String False

Base original price.

BasePrice String False

Base price.

BasePriceInclTax String False

Base price including tax.

BaseRowInvoiced String False

Base row invoiced.

BaseRowTotal String False

Base row total.

BaseRowTotalInclTax String False

Base row total including tax.

BaseTaxAmount String False

Base tax amount.

BaseTaxBeforeDiscount String False

Base tax before discount.

BaseTaxInvoiced String False

Base tax invoiced.

BaseTaxRefunded String False

Base tax refunded.

BaseWeeeTaxAppliedAmount String False

Base WEEE tax applied amount.

BaseWeeeTaxAppliedRowAmnt String False

Base WEEE tax applied row amount.

BaseWeeeTaxDisposition String False

Base WEEE tax disposition.

BaseWeeeTaxRowDisposition String False

Base WEEE tax row disposition.

CreatedAt Datetime False

Created-at timestamp.

Description String False


DiscountAmount String False

Discount amount.

DiscountInvoiced String False

Discount invoiced.

DiscountPercent String False

Discount percent.

DiscountRefunded String False

Discount refunded.

DiscountTaxCompensationAmount String False

Discount tax compensation amount.

DiscountTaxCompensationCanceled String False

Discount tax compensation canceled.

DiscountTaxCompensationInvoiced String False

Discount tax compensation invoiced.

DiscountTaxCompensationRefunded String False

Discount tax compensation refunded.

ExtensionAttributes String False

This is an auto-generated column

ExtOrderItemId String False

External order item ID.

FreeShipping Int False

Free-shipping flag value.

IsQtyDecimal Int False

Is-quantity-decimal flag value.

IsVirtual Int False

Is-virtual flag value.

ItemId [KEY] Int False

Item ID.

LockedDoInvoice Int False

Locked DO invoice flag value.

LockedDoShip Int False

Locked DO ship flag value.

Name String False


NoDiscount Int False

No-discount flag value.

OrderId Int False

Order ID.

OriginalPrice String False

Original price.

ParentItem String False

This is an auto-generated column

ParentItemId Int False

Parent item ID.

Price String False


PriceInclTax String False

Price including tax.

ProductId Int False

Product ID.

ProductOption String False

This is an auto-generated column

ProductType String False

Product type.

QtyBackordered String False

Quantity backordered.

QtyCanceled String False

Quantity canceled.

QtyInvoiced String False

Quantity invoiced.

QtyOrdered String False

Quantity ordered.

QtyRefunded String False

Quantity refunded.

QtyShipped String False

Quantity shipped.

QuoteItemId Int False

Quote item ID.

RowInvoiced String False

Row invoiced.

RowTotal String False

Row total.

RowTotalInclTax String False

Row total including tax.

RowWeight String False

Row weight.

Sku String False


StoreId Int False

Store ID.

TaxAmount String False

Tax amount.

TaxBeforeDiscount String False

Tax before discount.

TaxCanceled String False

Tax canceled.

TaxInvoiced String False

Tax invoiced.

TaxPercent String False

Tax percent.

TaxRefunded String False

Tax refunded.

UpdatedAt Datetime False

Updated-at timestamp.

WeeeTaxApplied String False

WEEE tax applied.

WeeeTaxAppliedAmount String False

WEEE tax applied amount.

WeeeTaxAppliedRowAmount String False

WEEE tax applied row amount.

WeeeTaxDisposition String False

WEEE tax disposition.

WeeeTaxRowDisposition String False

WEEE tax row disposition.

Weight String False



Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
Id_p Int

The order item ID.

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Build 21.0.8137