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Customers is an auto generated table


The Customers table supports server-side processing for all columns in the WHERE clause. Most of these columns support server-side processing for the >, >=, <, <=, =, IN, NOT IN and LIKE operators.

The following examples show the types of queries processed server side.

  • Retrieve all customers from your Magento server.
    SELECT * FROM Customers
  • Retrieve a single customer:
    SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE Id = '1'
  • Filter by status:
    SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE GroupId = 1
  • Filter by created date:
    SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE CreatedAt > '2017-08-01'
  • Example query with multiple filters:
    SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE DefaultBilling IN (1,2) AND Firstname LIKE '%i%' AND WebsiteId=1 LIMIT 50


To add a Customer, the FirstName, LastName, and Email fields are required.

INSERT INTO Customers(FirstName,LastName,Email,WebsiteId,GroupId) VALUES ('John','Doe','',1,1)


Magento allows updates for the FirstName, LastName, MiddleName, Suffix, Email, GroupId, Prefix, DisableAutoGroupChange, and Taxvat columns. WebsiteId is a required value.

UPDATE Customers SET FirstName='Jane', Email='', GroupId=2, DisableAutoGroupChange='0', Prefix='x', Middlename='J', LastName='Doe', Suffix='y',Taxvat=1, WebsiteId=1 WHERE Id = 4


Customers can be deleted by providing the Id of the Customer and issuing a DELETE statement.

DELETE FROM Customers WHERE Id = 4


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] Int False

Customer id

Addresses String False

Customer addresses.

Confirmation String False


CreatedAt Datetime False

Created at time

CreatedIn String False

Created in area

DefaultBilling String False

Default billing address id

DefaultShipping String False

Default shipping address id

DisableAutoGroupChange Int False

Disable auto group change flag.

Dob String False

Date of birth

Email String False

Email address

ExtensionAttributes String False

This is an auto-generated column

Firstname String False

First name

Gender Int False


GroupId Int False

Group id

Lastname String False

Last name

Middlename String False

Middle name

Prefix String False


StoreId Int False

Store id

Suffix String False


Taxvat String False

Tax Vat

UpdatedAt Datetime False

Updated at time

WebsiteId Int False

Website id


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
Id_p String

This is an auto-generated column

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