JDBC Driver for YouTube Analytics

Build 23.0.8839


Create, update, delete, and query YouTube Analytics Groups.

Table-Specific Information

A Group is a custom collection of up to 200 channels, videos, playlists, or assets. All of the Items in a Group must represent the same type of entity. For example, you cannot create a Group that contains 100 videos and 100 playlists. An Analytics Group can only contain entities that you have uploaded or claimed or that are linked to a channel that you administer. As a result, content owners can create groups of videos, playlists, channels, or assets. Channel owners can create groups of videos and playlists.


The following columns can be used in the WHERE clause: OnBehalfOfContentOwner and Mine.


ContentDetails_ItemType is required to insert a Group.

INSERT INTO Groups (Snippet_Title, ContentDetails_ItemType) VALUES ('test2', 'youtube#channel')


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] String False

The Id that YouTube uses to uniquely identify the group.

Kind String False

Identifies the type of the YouTube Analytics entity. The value will be youtube#group.

Etag String False

The Etag of this resource.

Snippet_PublishedAt DateTime True

The date and time that the group was created.

Snippet_Title String False

The group name. The value must be a nonempty string.

ContentDetails_ItemCount String False

The number of items in the group.

ContentDetails_ItemType String False

The type of entities that the group contains. The allowed values are youtube#channel, youtube#playlist, youtube#video, youtubePartner#asset.

Mine String False

Set this to true to retrieve all groups owned by the authenticated user.

PageToken String False

The PageToken parameter identifies a specific page in the result set that should be returned.

OnBehalfOfContentOwner String False

This parameter is intended exclusively for YouTube content partners that own and manage many different YouTube channels. The OnBehalfOfContentOwner parameter indicates that the authorization credentials in the request identify a YouTube user who is acting on behalf of the content owner specified in the parameter value.

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Build 23.0.8839