JDBC Driver for YouTube Analytics

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Views are similar to tables in the way that data is represented; however, views are read-only.

Queries can be executed against a view as if it were a normal table.

CData JDBC Driver for YouTube Analytics Views

Name Description
Activities Query YouTube Activities. An Activity resource contains information about an action that a particular Channel, or User, has taken on YouTube.
AdPerformanceReports Query Ad Performance Reports. Ad Performance Reports provide impression-based metrics for ads that ran during video playbacks. These metrics account for each ad impression, and each video playback can yield multiple impressions.
Captions Query YouTube Captions. A Caption resource represents a YouTube caption track.
Channels Query YouTube Channels.
ChannelSections Query YouTube ChannelSections. A ChannelSection contains information about a set of Videos that a Channel has chosen to feature.
Comments Query YouTube Comments.
CommentThreads Query YouTube CommentThreads. A CommentThread record contains information about a YouTube comment thread, a top-level comment and replies, if any exist, to that comment.
Demographics Query YouTubeAnalytics Demographics grouped by age groups and gender.
Devices Query YouTubeAnalytics Devices or Operating System statistics. This table allows you to aggregate viewing statistics based on the manner in which viewers reached your video content. For example, you can identify the number of views that occurred on mobile devices or game consoles.
EngagementReports Query Engagement Reports info. For example, how many times a user shared a video.
Languages Query YouTube i18nLanguages. An i18nLanguage resource identifies an application language that the YouTube website supports. The application language can also be referred to as a UI language.
PlayListItems Query YouTube PlayListItems. A PlayListItem resource identifies another YouTube entity, such as a Video, that is included in a PlayList. In addition, the PlayListItem record contains details about how that entity is used in that PlayList.
PlayLists Query YouTube PlayLists. A PlayList is a collection of videos that can be viewed sequentially and shared with other users.
Regions Query YouTube i18nRegions. An i18nRegion resource identifies a geographic area that a YouTube user can select as the preferred content region. The content region can also be referred to as a content locale.
Subscriptions Query YouTube User Subscriptions. A Subscription notifies a User when new Videos are added to a Channel, or when another user takes one of several actions on YouTube, such as uploading a Video, rating a Video, or commenting on a Video.
TimeBasedReports Query time-based info on views, subscribers, etc. For example, how many new subscribers were gained at a specific time.
TopVideos Query the TopVideos for a channel or the TopPlaylists if you are a content owner. You can also use this view to query playback detail and geographic filters.
TrafficSources Query TrafficSources. Statistics are based on the manner in which viewers reached your video and playlist content.
UserActivityByCity This report provides user activity statistics, sorted by city.
UserActivityByCountry This report provides user activity statistics.
UserActivityByProvince This report provides user activity statistics, sorted by province (includes Washington DC).
VideoAbuseReportReasons Query YouTube VideoAbuseReportReasons. A VideoAbuseReportReason resource contains information about a reason that a Video would be flagged for containing abusive content.
VideoCategories Query YouTube VideoCategories. A VideoCategory resource identifies a category that has been or could be associated with uploaded Videos.
Videos Query YouTube Videos.

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