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Query Engagement Reports info. For example, how many times a user shared a video.



デフォルトでは、結果はDay でグループ化されます。次のクエリは、Day によってグループ化されたComments、Likes、Dislikes、etc. を返します。

SELECT * FROM EngagementReports

Select Rules


SELECT SharingService, Shares FROM EngagementReports


ディメンション 必須 sharingService
オプション subscribedStatus
指標 1つ以上使用 shares
フィルタ 0または1つ使用 country、continent、subContinent
0または1つ使用 video、group
オプション subscribedStatus


ディメンション 必須 sharingService
オプション subscribedStatus
指標 1つ以上使用 shares
フィルタ 1つだけ使用 video、channel、group
0または1つ使用 country、continent、subContinent
オプション subscribedStatus


Name Type Dimension DefaultMetric DefaultDimension Description
SharingService String True This dimension identifies the service that was used to share videos. Videos can be shared on YouTube (or via the YouTube player) using the Share button.
Channel String True (only used in content owner reports) The Id for a YouTube channel. The channel dimension is frequently used in content owner reports because those reports typically aggregate data for multiple channels.
Video String True The Id of a YouTube video.
Group String True (filter only) The Id of a YouTube Analytics group.
Country String True The country associated with the metrics in the report row. The dimension value is a two-letter ISO-3166-1 country code, such as US, CN (China), or FR (France). The country code ZZ is used to report metrics for which YouTube could not identify the associated country.
Continent String True (filter only) A United Nations (U.N.) statistical region code: 002 Africa, 019 Americas (Northern America, Latin America, South America, and the Caribbean), 142 Asia, 150 Europe, 009 Oceania. This dimension can only be used to filter data.
SubContinent String True (filter only) A U.N. statistical region code that identifies a geographical subregion.
SubscribedStatus String True This dimension indicates whether the user activity metrics in the data row are associated with viewers who were subscribed to the video or playlist channel. Possible values are SUBSCRIBED and UNSUBSCRIBED. Note that the dimension value is accurate as of the time that the user activity occurs.
ClaimedStatus String True (only used in content owner reports) This dimension lets you indicate that a result set will only contain metrics for claimed content. The allowed value is claimed.
UploaderType String True (only used in content owner reports) This dimension lets you indicate whether a result set will contain metrics for content uploaded by the specified content owner or content uploaded by third parties, such as user-uploaded videos. The allowed values are self and thirdParty.
Shares Double False True The number of times that users shared a video through the Share button.
StartDate Date Start date for fetching Analytics data.
EndDate Date End date for fetching Analytics data.


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似カラムフィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
Segments String Segments the data returned for your request. Either a SegmentId or a custom segment.

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