Cmdlets for YouTube Analytics

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QueryResults Output Object (Select-YouTubeAnalytics Cmdlet)

The results of the query.


PSObject QueryResults


When executing a search, the results will be returned to the pipeline in a PSObject for each row, one row at a time. Each row object contains the columns of the table with their corresponding values. The row object also contains the table and the connection, which makes it easy to input these values to other cmdlets through a pipeline. Below is an example of a row object in JSON form:

PS C:\> $conn  = Connect-YouTubeAnalytics -ContentOwnerId 'MyContentOwnerId' -ChannelId 'MyChannelId'
PS C:\> $row = Select-YouTubeAnalytics -Connection $conn -Table "Groups" -Columns (Snippet_Title, ContentDetails_ItemType)  -Where "Id = 'S'" | select -first 1
PS C:\> $row | ConvertTo-Json
  "Connection":  {

    "Table":  "Groups",
    "Columns":  [

    "Snippet_Title":  "MySnippet_Title",
    "ContentDetails_ItemType":  "MyContentDetails_ItemType"

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Build 21.0.7930