ODBC Driver for Twilio

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A Service (or Verification Service) is the set of common configurations used to create and check verifications. Services contain Lists.


Twilio allows only a small subset of columns to be used in the WHERE clause of a SELECT query. These columns can be used with only the equals or = comparison. The available columns for Services is Sid.

SELECT * FROM Services

SELECT * FROM Services WHERE Sid = 'IS5834ff94f011bc4e627a3'


Name Type References Description
Sid [KEY] String The unique string that Twilio's created to identify the Service resource.
AccountSid String


The SID of the Account that created the Service resource.
UniqueName String An application-defined string that uniquely identifies the resource.
FriendlyName String The string that you assigned to describe the resource.
DateCreated Datetime The date and time when the service was created.
DateUpdated Datetime The date and time when the service was last updated.
Url String The absolute URL of the service.
WebhookUrl String The URL that gets called when Sync objects are manipulated.
WebhooksFromRestEnabled Boolean Whether the Service instance calls the WebhookUrl when the REST API is used to update Sync objects. The default is false.
AclEnabled Boolean Whether token identities in the Service must be granted access to Sync objects by using the Permissions resource.
ReachabilityWebhooksEnabled Boolean Whether the service instance calls WebhookUrl when client endpoints connect to Sync. The default is false.
ReachabilityDebouncingEnabled Boolean Whether every endpoint_disconnected event should occur after a configurable delay. The default is false, where the endpoint_disconnected event occurs immediately after disconnection. When true, intervening reconnections can prevent the endpoint_disconnected event.
ReachabilityDebouncingWindow Integer The reachability event delay in milliseconds if ReachabilityDebouncingEnabled = true. Is between 1,000 and 30,000 and defaults to 5,000. This is the number of milliseconds after the last running client disconnects, and a Sync identity is declared offline, before WebhookUrl is called, if all endpoints remain offline. A reconnection from the same identity by any endpoint during this interval prevents the reachability event from occurring.
Links String The URLs of related resources.

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Build 23.0.8839