ODBC Driver for Twilio

Build 23.0.8839


Send outgoing SMS messages from your Twilio phone number to mobile phones around the globe.


Name Type Required Description
From String True The phone number or sender Id that sent the message.
Body String True The body of the message.
To String True The phone number the message was sent to.
StatusCallback String False By including a StatusCallback URL in your API call, you can tell Twilio where to POST information about your message.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Status String Sucess Message that represents message is sent.
AccountSid String Account Sid.
APIVersion String Version of the API.
Body String Message body.
DateCreated String Date created.
DateSent String Sent message date.
DateUpdated String Message updated date.
Direction String Direction.
ErrorCode String Error code in case message is not sent.
ErrorMessage String Error message in case message is not sent.
From String Twilio phone number or messaging service that sends this message.
MessagingServiceSid String Messaging service sid.
NumMedia String Num media.
NumSegments String Num segments.
Price String Price.
PriceUnit String Price Unit.
Sid String Sid.
SubresourceUrisMedia String Subresource media urls.
To String PhoneNumber on which messaging is sent.
Uri String Uri.

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Build 23.0.8839