JDBC Driver for Twilio

Build 23.0.8839


Create, update, delete, and query the available Lists for a specific Service in Twilio Sync.


Twilio allows only a small subset of columns to be used in the WHERE clause of a SELECT query. These columns can be used with only the equals or = comparison. The available columns for ServiceLists are Sid, and ServiceSid.

SELECT * FROM ServiceLists WHERE Sid = 'ES5efaf437f5274d89a79' AND ServiceSid = 'ISbd3a2af64'

SELECT * FROM ServiceLists WHERE ServiceSid = 'ISbd3a2af64'


To add a ServiceList, specify at least the ServiceSid and UniqueName.

INSERT INTO ServiceLists (ServiceSid, UniqueName) VALUES ('ISbd3a2af64e5c39', 'Denis') 


UPDATE ServiceLists SET TimeToLive = 10 WHERE Sid='ES5efaf437f5274d89a79' AND ServiceSid='ISbd3a2af64'


DELETE FROM ServiceLists  WHERE Sid='ES5efaf437f5274d89a79' AND ServiceSid='ISbd3a2af64'


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Sid [KEY] String False

The unique string that identifies the Sync List resource.

ServiceSid String False


The SID of the Sync Service the resource is associated with.

AccountSid String True


The SID of the Account that created the Sync List resource.

UniqueName String False

An application-defined string that uniquely identifies the resource. It can be used in place of the resource's sid in the URL to address the resource. This column will work only with INSERT.

Url String True

The absolute URL of the Sync List resource.

Revision String True

The current revision of the Sync List, represented as a string.

DateCreated Datetime True

The date and time when the resource was created.

DateUpdated Datetime True

The date and time when the resource was last updated.

DateExpires Datetime True

The date and time when the Sync List expires and will be deleted. If the Sync List does not expire, this value is null. The Sync List might not be deleted immediately after it expires.

CreatedBy String True

The identity of the Sync List's creator. If the Sync List was created from inserting into ServiceLists table, the value is system.

TimeToLive Integer False

This column is used only when updating. It specifies how long, in seconds, before the Sync List expires and is deleted. Can be an integer from 0 to 31,536,000 (1 year). The default value is 0, which means the Sync List does not expire. The Sync List will be deleted automatically after it expires, but there can be a delay between the expiration time and the resources's deletion.

Links String True

The URLs of the Sync List's nested resources.

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