TDV Adapter for Twilio

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Views are composed of columns and pseudo columns. Views are similar to tables in the way that data is represented; however, views do not support updates. Entities that are represented as views are typically read-only entities. Often, a stored procedure is available to update the data if such functionality is applicable to the data source.

Queries can be executed against a view as if it were a normal table, and the data that comes back is similar in that regard. To find out more about tables and stored procedures, please navigate to their corresponding entries in this help document.

Twilio Adapter Views

Name Description
AvailablePhoneNumbers Query the local, mobile, and toll-free phone numbers available in Twilio.
CallEvents The call events resource provides programmatic access to call progress and SDK events for a provided call SID.
CallMetrics The call metrics resource provides an overview of metadata and quality metrics for a provided call.
CallSummary This resource provides an overview of metadata and quality metrics for a single call.
ConversationMessages ConversationMessage includes metadata of the Messages sent over a conversation.
ConversationParticipants Each participant in a Conversation represents one real (probably human) participant in a Conversation. it joins Participants with the conversation, and the connected person will receive all subsequent messages.
Conversations Conversation includes a list of current Participants and the Messages that they have sent amongst each other.
IncomingPhoneNumbersCategory Query Twilio Incoming Phone Numbers and filter by Category.
Services A Service (or Verification Service) is the set of common configurations used to create and check verifications. Services contain Lists.
UsageRecords Query Usage Records in Twilio.

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Build 21.0.8137