SSIS Components for Smartsheet

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Query Smartsheets Sheets. A Sheet can exist in the Sheets folder for the user (Home), in a Folder, or in a Workspace. It is comprised of Columns, Rows, and Cells, and may optionally contain Attachments and Discussions.

Table Specific Information


Retrieve all Sheets.

SELECT * FROM Info_Sheets

Retrieve Sheets located in a specific Folder.

SELECT * FROM Info_Sheets WHERE FolderId = '2928085806875091'

Retrieve Sheets located in a specific Workspace.

SELECT * FROM Info_Sheets WHERE WorkspaceId = '1928085806875098'


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The unique identifier of the sheet.
Name String The name of the sheet.
Owner String Email address of the sheet owner.
OwnerId String User Id of the Sheet owner.
Permalink String URL that represents a direct link to the sheet in Smartsheet.
SourceId String The Id of the Sheet or Template from which the enclosing sheet was created.
SourceType String The type of the source object. Possible values: sheet or template.
CreatedAt Datetime Time that the sheet was created.
ModifiedAt Datetime Time that the sheet was modified.
Version Long A number that is incremented every time a sheet is modified.
TotalRowCount Long The total number of rows in the sheet.
AccessLevel String User permissions on the sheet.
ReadOnly Boolean Whether the Sheet belongs to an expired trial.
GanttEnabled Boolean Whether Gantt is enabled.
DependenciesEnabled Boolean Whether dependencies are enabled.
ResourceManagementEnabled Boolean Whether resource management is enabled.
Favorite Boolean Whether the user has marked this sheet as a favorite in their Home tab.
ShowParentRowsForFilters Boolean Whether the show parent rows option is enabled for the filters.
FromId String The Id of the Template from which to create the Sheet.
WorkspaceId String The Id of the workspace.
FolderId String The Id of the folder.

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