SSIS Components for Smartsheet

Build 23.0.8839


Query Smartsheet Server Information including application constants.

Table Specific Information


Retrieve Server Information:

SELECT * FROM Info_ServerInformation


Name Type References Description
SupportedLocales String Array of strings representing all Smartsheet-supported locales.
FormatsDefaults String A format descriptor where each element describes the formats the Smartsheet Web application displays for format values that have not been set.
FontFamily String Font families with additional font information.
FontSize String Font sizes in points.
Bold String Specifies bold font. Possible values: none, on.
Italic String Specifies italic font. Possible values: none, on.
Underline String Specifies underlined font. Possible values: none, on.
Strikethrough String Specifies strikethrough font. Possible values: none, on.
HorizontalAlign String Specifies horizontally aligned text. Possible values: none, on.
VerticalAlign String Specifies vertically aligned text. Possible values: top, middle, bottom. Note: default is the default value, which is equivalent to top.
Color String Color hex values. Note: None is the default value for all colors. Applications will need to handle this value and use app-defined colors (typically this is Black for text color and White for background color).
Currency String Currency codes and symbols.
ThousandsSeparator String Specifies whether the thousands separator for a number is displayed. Possible values: none, on.
NumberFormat String The number format. Possible values: none, NUMBER, CURRENCY, PERCENT.
TextWrap String Whether the text is wrapped. Possible values: none, on.

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Build 23.0.8839