SSIS Components for Smartsheet

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Query Smartsheet Columns in a Sheet or Report.

Table Specific Information


This view returns details for Columns of a specified Sheet. The SheetId parameter is always required.

Retrieve Columns.

SELECT * FROM Info_Columns WHERE SheetId = '2940085806098308'

Retrieve details of the specified Columns.

SELECT * FROM Info_Columns WHERE SheetId = '2940085806098308' AND Id = '7999197812156292'


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The column Id.
Index Integer The column index.
Title String The column title.
Primary Boolean Whether the column is the Primary Column.
Type String The column type. One of the following values: Text_Number, Date, Datetime, Contact_List, Checkbox, Picklist, Duration, Predecessor, Abstract_datetime.
OptionsAggregate String Array of the options available for the column
Hidden Boolean Whether the column is hidden.
Symbol String The column symbol. Possible values for the checkbox column type: star, flag. Possible values for the picklist column type: harvey_balls, priority, ryg, priority_hml, decision_symbols, decision_shapes, vcr, rygb, rygg, weather, progress, arrows_3_way, arrows_4_way, arrows_5_way, directions_3_way, directions_4_way, ski, signal, star_rating, hearts, money, effort, pain.
ColumnType String The system column type. Possible values: auto_number, modified_date, modified_by, created_date, created_by.
TagsAggregate String Set of tags to indicate special columns. Each element in the array will be set to one of the following values: calendar_start_date, calendar_end_date, gantt_start_date, gantt_end_date, gantt_percent_complete, gantt_display_label, gantt_predecessor, gantt_duration, gantt_assigned_resource
Width Integer The display width of the column in pixels.
Format String The format descriptor.
FilterType String The filter applied to the column. Possible values: list, custom.
Locked Boolean Whether the column is locked. A value of true indicates that the column has been locked by the sheet owner or the admin.
LockedForUser Boolean Whether the column is locked for the requesting user.
SheetId String The sheet Id.

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