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Hyperlink Columns

You can add hyperlink columns to table schema files generated by the CreateSchema stored procedure.

After generating a schema file from the desired table, add a new column (attr) as follows:

  • Set other:columnid to a unique value (any string that isn't already taken by another column).
  • Add an other:hyperlink attribute to the column. Set this attribute to the value in the name attribute of the column you want your new hyperlink column to display hyperlinks for.

    These two values must match exactly.

For example, suppose you have this column in your schema file:

<attr name="MyColumnName" xs:type="string" ... other:columnid="5555555555555555"/>

Your new hyperlink column attached to this column should look like this:

<attr name="nameLink" xs:type="string" ... other:columnid="YourUniqueIDHere" other:hyperlink="MyColumnName"/>

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Build 23.0.8839