TDV Adapter for Smartsheet

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Query the Users in the organization.

Table Specific Information


Retrieve all Users.

SELECT * FROM Info_Users

Retrieve all Users of a specific Group.

SELECT * FROM Info_Users WHERE GroupId='2928085806875091'


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The unique identifier of the user.
AccountId String The Id of the associated account.
AccountName String The name of the associated account.
Email String The email address of the user.
Name String The full name of the user.
FirstName String The first name of the user.
LastName String The last name of the user.
Admin Boolean Whether the user is a system admin. A system admin can manage users and accounts.
Locale String The locale for the user.
TimeZone String The timezone for the user.
LicensedSheetCreator Boolean Whether the user is a licensed user. A licensed user can create and own sheets.
GroupAdmin Boolean Whether the user is a group admin. A group admin can create and edit groups.
ResourceViewer Boolean Whether the user is a resource viewer. A resource viewer can access resource views.
Status String The status of the user. Possible values: ACTIVE, PENDING, DECLINED.
GroupId String The Id of the group.

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Build 22.0.8462