TDV Adapter for Quandl

Build 21.0.8137

Data Model

The Quandl Adapter models Quandl Databases as relational Databases; Quandl Datasets are modeled as relational views.

After specifying a DatabaseCode, you can access a Dataset in the Database by querying the view of the same name. The view definitions are dynamically retrieved. When you connect, the adapter gets the list of tables and the metadata for the tables by calling the appropriate Web services. Your queries can then pick up changes to the remote data.

This chapter provides more information about the behavior of the Database and Dataset Views, as well as the stored procedures of the adapter. It also includes sample tables from the WIKI Dataset; the actual data model will be dynamically obtained based on the DatabaseCode you specify. Quandl Datasets all support several common filters in the WHERE clause. See Using Filters for more information.

Stored Procedures are function-like interfaces to the data source. Stored procedures model actions that typically cannot be represented as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements.

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Build 21.0.8137