ADO.NET Provider for Quandl

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Query the Datasets in a Quandl Database.

Table Specific Information


The query below retrieves all Datasets that are part of the Database specified by DatabaseCode.

SELECT * FROM Datasets

Alternatively, the SearchTerms and DatabaseCode filters may be used to get a trimmed list of Databases related to the specified filters.

The query below searches for Datasets related to certain keywords. This will search entire Datasets on all available Databases. The top 100 Datasets are returned.

SELECT * FROM Datasets WHERE SearchTerms='Apple Stock'

The query below retrieves a list of Datasets that are part of a specific Database and are related to certain search terms.

SELECT * FROM Datasets WHERE DatabaseCode='WIKI' AND SearchTerms='Apple Stock' 


Name Type Description
DatasetCode [KEY] String The dataset code for the returned dataset. To access the data, query the table of the same name.
DatabaseCode String The code for the database this dataset belongs to.
Name String The title of this dataset.
Description String An explanation of the contents of the data in this dataset.
RefreshedAt Datetime The last time the data in this dataset and metadata of this dataset was refreshed.
NewestAvailableDate Datetime The most recent date of all available data points in this dataset.
OldestAvailableDate Datetime The earliest date of all available data points in this dataset.
ColumnNames String The titles for each column of data in this datset.
Frequency String How often each data point in the resulting dataset is returned. For example, daily, weekly, or monthly.
Type String The type of data being returned. For example, Time Series is data with a primary key of a date or datetime.
Premium Boolean Indicates whether this is premium or free data.


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
SearchTerms String Use this parameter to search datasets related to the specified query.

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