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Get the items in an Order.

Table Specific Information


Note: PayPal REST API does not give us a way to list all OrderId-s, so you must specify it. If you need such use case, it's recommended to use the Transactions and TransactionItems views in SOAP schema.
The only filter supported by the PayPal API is OrderId, which is required. The component processes other filters client side within the component.

You can turn off the client-side execution of the query by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false.

For example, the following queries are processed server side and retrieve details for a specific Order.

SELECT * FROM OrderItems WHERE OrderId = 'O-1HE90236LH9332431'

SELECT * FROM OrderItems WHERE OrderId IN ('O-1HE90236LH9332431', 'O-7D635956955612146')


Name Type References Description
OrderId String The ID of the Order this Item belongs to.
Id String The PayPal-generated ID for the purchase unit. This ID appears in both the payer's transaction history and the emails that the payer receives.
ReferenceId String The API caller-provided external ID for the purchase unit. Required for multiple purchase units when you must update the order through PATCH.
Amount String The total order amount with an optional breakdown that provides details, such as the total item amount, total tax amount, shipping, handling, insurance, and discounts, if any.
Description String The purchase description.
CustomId String The API caller-provided external ID. Used to reconcile API caller-initiated transactions with PayPal transactions. Appears in transaction and settlement reports.
InvoiceId String The API caller-provided external invoice ID for this order.
SoftDescriptor String The payment descriptor on account transactions on the customer's credit card statement.
ShipperFullName String When the party is a person, the party's full name.
ShippingAddressLine1 String The first line of the address. For example, number or street.
ShippingAddressLine2 String The second line of the address. For example, suite or apartment number.
ShippingAddressPostalCode String The postal code, which is the zip code or equivalent. Typically required for countries with a postal code or an equivalent.
ShippingAddressCountryCode String The two-character ISO 3166-1 code that identifies the country or region.
PayeeEmail String The email address of merchant.
PayeeMerchantId String The encrypted PayPal account ID of the merchant.
DisbursementMode String The funds that are held on behalf of the merchant.

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