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PayPal merchants, partners, and external developers can use the PayPal Disputes API to manage disputes.

Table Specific Information


This view returns a list of transactions with details for a specific dispute.

The following filters are supported by the PayPal API:

  • DisputeId

The component processes other filters client side within the component. You can turn off the client-side execution of the query by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false.

For example, the following queries are processed server side.

  • The following query retrieves transaction details for a specific dispute:
    SELECT * FROM DisputeTransactions WHERE DisputeId = 'PP-D-12345'


Name Type References Description
DisputeId [KEY] String The ID of the dispute.
CreatedTime Datetime The date and time when the transaction was created.
TransactionStatus String The transaction status.
GrossAmountCode String The three-character ISO-4217 currency code that identifies the currency.
GrossAmountValue Decimal The value of the amount.
BuyerName String The customer's name.
BuyerTransactionId String The customer's transaction ID.
SellerEmail String The email address for the merchant's PayPal account.
SellerMerchantId String The PayPal account ID for the merchant.
SellerTransactionId String The ID, as seen by the merchant, for this transaction.
SellerName String The name of the merchant.
SellerProtectionEligible Boolean Indicator if the seller is eligible for protection.
Custom String A free-text field that is entered by the merchant during checkout.

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