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Create a subscription for Paypal.

Stored Procedure Specific Information

The CreateSubscription Stored Procedure requires PlanId to create a Paypal Subscription.

EXECUTE CreateSubscription PlanId='P-5ML4271244454362WXNWU5NQ', StartTime='2021-11-01T00:00:00Z', ShippingAmount='{\n" +
          "    \"currency_code\": \"USD\",\n" +
          "    \"value\": \"10.00\"\n" +
          "  }', subscriber='{\n" +
          "    \"name\": {\n" +
          "      \"given_name\": \"John\",\n" +
          "      \"surname\": \"Doe\"\n" +
          "    },\n" +
          "    \"email_address\": \"\",\n" +
          "    \"shipping_address\": {\n" +
          "      \"name\": {\n" +
          "        \"full_name\": \"John Doe\"\n" +
          "      },\n" +
          "      \"address\": {\n" +
          "        \"address_line_1\": \"2211 N First Street\",\n" +
          "        \"address_line_2\": \"Building 17\",\n" +
          "        \"admin_area_2\": \"San Jose\",\n" +
          "        \"admin_area_1\": \"CA\",\n" +
          "        \"postal_code\": \"95131\",\n" +
          "        \"country_code\": \"US\"\n" +
          "      }\n" +
          "    }\n" +
          "  }'

The following columns are required to create a subscription:

  • PlanId


Name Type Required Description
PlanId String True The ID of the plan..
StartTime String False The date and time when the subscription started.
Quantity String False The quantity of the product in the subscription..
ShippingAmount String False A JSON aggregate which contain the shipping charges.
Subscriber String False A JSON aggregate which contain the subscriber request information .
ApplicationContext String False A JSON aggregate which contain the application context, which customizes the payer experience during the subscription approval process with PayPal.
CustomId String False The custom id for the subscription. Can be invoice id.
Plan String False A JSON aggregate which contain An inline plan object to customise the subscription.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
SubscriptionId String The PayPal-generated ID for the subscription.
Status String The PayPal-generated subscription status.

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Build 21.0.7930