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Query details about a specific Transaction's items using the GetTransactionDetails API.

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The only filter supported by the PayPal API is TransactionId, which is required. The cmdlet processes other filters client side within the cmdlet.

You can turn off the client-side execution of the query by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false.

For example, the following queries are processed server side and retrieve details for a specific Transaction.

Warning: Requesting all TransactionItems for all transactions could take a long time depending on the number of transactions.

SELECT * FROM TransactionItems WHERE TransactionId='4W92068757818534U'

SELECT * FROM TransactionItems WHERE TransactionId IN('4W92068757818534U', '0TM835405G491863M')

SELECT * FROM TransactionItems WHERE TransactionId IN (SELECT Id FROM Transactions)


Name Type References Description
TransactionID String Unique transaction Id of the payment.
EbayItemTxnId String The eBay auction transaction Id of the item that you use to identify items that the buyer purchased.
ItemName String Item name set by you or entered by the customer.
ItemNumber Integer Item number set by you. If this was a shopping cart transaction, PayPal appends the number of the item to the HTML item_number variable, for example, item_number1, item_number2, and so forth.
ShippingAmount Decimal Shipping Amount.
HandlingAmount Decimal Handling Amount.
Quantity Integer Quantity set by you or entered by the buyer.
CouponId String Coupon identification number.
CouponAmount Decimal Amount (value) of the coupon.
ItemAmount Decimal Cost of the item.
CouponAmountCurrency String Currency of the coupon amount, e.g., a 3-character currency code.
SalesTax Decimal Amount of tax charged on payment for this item.

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