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Query details about a specific Transaction using the GetTransactionDetails API.

Table Specific Information


The only filter supported by the PayPal API is TransactionId, which is required. The cmdlet processes other filters client side within the cmdlet.

You can turn off the client-side execution of the query by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false.

For example, the following queries are processed server side and retrieve details for a specific Transaction.

Warning: Requesting all TransactionDetails for all transactions could take a long time depending on the number of transactions.

SELECT * FROM TransactionDetails WHERE TransactionId='4W92068757818534U'

SELECT * FROM TransactionDetails WHERE TransactionId IN ('4W92068757818534U', '0TM835405G491863M')

SELECT * FROM TransactionDetails WHERE TransactionId IN (SELECT Id FROM Transactions)


Name Type References Description
TransactionId [KEY] String Unique transaction Id of the payment.
ReceiverBusiness String Details about a single transaction. This field is not applicable for point-of-sale transactions.
ReceiverEmail String Primary email address of the payment recipient (the merchant).
ReceiverId String Unique account Id of the payment recipient (the merchant). This value is the same as the value of the referral Id of the recipient.
PayerEmail String Email address of the buyer.
PayerId String Unique PayPal Customer Account identification number.
PayerStatus String Status of the buyer.
PayerFirstName String The first name of the buyer.
PayerMiddleName String The middle name of the buyer.
PayerLastName String The last name of the buyer.
PayerSuffix String The suffix of the buyer.
PayerCountry String The country of residence of the buyer in the form of ISO standard 3166 2-character country codes.
PayerBusiness String The business name of the buyer.
StreetAddress String The first street address.
City String The name of the city.
State String The state or province.
PostalCode String U.S. ZIP code or other country-specific postal code.
ShippingCountry String The expanded name of the country.
PayerPhone String The phone number.
ParentTransactionId String The parent or related transaction identification number.
TransactionType String The type of transaction.
PaymentType String Indicates whether the payment is instant or delayed.
PaymentDate Datetime The date-time stamp of the payment.
GrossAmount Decimal The final amount charged, including any shipping and taxes from your Merchant Profile.
FeeAmount Decimal The PayPal fee amount charged for the transaction.
SettleAmount Decimal The amount deposited in your PayPal account after a currency conversion.
TaxAmount Decimal The tax charged on the transaction.
ExchangeRate String The exchange rate if a currency conversion occurred. This is relevant only if you are billing in the non-primary currency of the buyer. If the buyer chooses to pay with a currency other than the non-primary currency, the conversion occurs in the account of the buyer.
PaymentStatus String Status of the payment.
PendingReason String The reason the payment is pending.
ProtectionEligibility String Prior to version 64.4, the kind of seller protection in force for the transaction.
ProtectionEligibilityType String Since version 64.4, the kind of seller protection in force for the transaction.
StoreId String StoreId as entered in the transaction.
Subject String The value of the subject field entered by the buyer when making a payment.
InvoiceId String Invoice number you set in the original transaction.
Memo String Memo entered by your customer in the PayPal Website Payments note field.
SalesTax Decimal Amount of tax charged on payment.
AuctionBuyerId String The auction Id of the buyer.
AuctionClosingDate Datetime The close date of the auction.

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