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Views are composed of columns and pseudo columns. Views are similar to tables in the way that data is represented; however, views do not support updates. Entities that are represented as views are typically read-only entities. Often, a stored procedure is available to update the data if such functionality is applicable to the data source.

Queries can be executed against a view as if it were a normal table, and the data that comes back is similar in that regard. To find out more about tables and stored procedures, please navigate to their corresponding entries in this help document.

CData Cmdlets PowerShell Module for PayPal Views

Name Description
Balance View all the currencies of the account and their balances.
BalanceAffecting Query Transactions that affect the account balance.
BalanceTransfer Query Transactions involving Balance Transfers.
BillPay Query Transactions involving BillPay Transactions.
CurrencyConversions Query Transactions involving Currency Conversions.
Dividend Query Transactions involving Dividends.
ECheck Query Transactions involving eChecks.
Fee Query Transactions involving Fees.
FundsAdded Query Transactions generated when funds are added to the balance.
FundsWithdrawn Query Transactions generated when funds are withdrawn from the balance.
MassPay Query Mass Payments Transactions.
MoneyRequest Query Money Request Transactions.
Received Query payments-received Transactions.
Referral Query Transactions involving Referrals.
Refund Query Transactions involving Refunds.
Reversal Query Transactions involving BillPay Reversals.
Sent Query payments-sent Transactions.
Shipping Query Transactions involving UPS Shipping Fees.
Subscription Query Transactions involving Subscriptions.
TransactionDetails Query details about a specific Transaction using the GetTransactionDetails API.
TransactionItems Query details about a specific Transaction's items using the GetTransactionDetails API.
Transactions Query Transaction history using the TransactionSearch API.

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Build 21.0.7930