Cmdlets for PayPal

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Location Parameter (Connect-PayPal Cmdlet)

A path to the directory that contains the schema files defining tables, views, and stored procedures.


Connect-PayPal -Location string

Data Type


Default Value

"%APPDATA%\\CData\\PayPal Data Provider\\Schema"


The path to a directory which contains the schema files for the cmdlet (.rsd files for tables and views, .rsb files for stored procedures). The folder location can be a relative path from the location of the executable. The Location property is only needed if you want to customize definitions (for example, change a column name, ignore a column, and so on) or extend the data model with new tables, views, or stored procedures.

Note: Given that this cmdlet supports multiple schemas, the file path should end with the root folder that contains all of the separate schema folders.

If left unspecified, the default location is "%APPDATA%\\CData\\PayPal Data Provider\\Schema" with %APPDATA% being set to the user's configuration directory:

Platform %APPDATA%
Windows The value of the APPDATA environment variable
Mac ~/.config
Linux ~/.config

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Build 21.0.7930