Power BI Connector for PayPal

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Query Transaction details including the amount and item details.

Table Specific Information


The only filter supported by the PayPal API is PaymentId, which is required. The connector processes other filters client side within the connector.

You can turn off the client-side execution of the query by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false.

For example, the following queries are processed server side and retrieve a list of Transactions for the specified Payment.

SELECT * FROM PaymentTransactions WHERE PaymentId='PAY-6SL93120VR4146201KZYWPVY'

SELECT * FROM PaymentTransactions WHERE PaymentId IN ('PAY-6SL93120VR4146201KZYWPVY', 'PAY-6SL93120VR0000201KZYWPVY')


Name Type References Description
PaymentId String


The Id of the payment.
Amount Decimal The amount to collect.
Currency String The currency of the amount to collect.
PayeeEmail String The email address associated with the payee's PayPal account.
PayeeMerchantId String The PayPal account ID for the payee.
Description String The purchase description.
NoteToPayee String The note to the recipient of the funds in this transaction.
Custom String The free-form field for the client's use.
InvoiceNumber String The invoice number to track this payment.
SoftDescriptor String The soft descriptor to use to charge this funding source. If greater than the maximum allowed length, the API truncates the string.
NotifyUrl String The URL to send payment notifications.
AllowedPaymentMethod String The payment method for this transaction. This field does not apply to the credit card payment method.
RecipientName String The name of the recipient.
ShippingPhoneNumber String The shipping phone number, in its canonical international format as defined by the E.164 numbering plan.
ShippingAddressLine1 String The first line of the address. For example, number, street, and so on.
ShippingAddressLine2 String The second line of the address. For example, suite or apartment number.
ShippingAddressCity String The city name.
ShippingAddressCountryCode String The two-character ISO 3166-1 code that identifies the country or region.
ShippingAddressPostalCode String The postal code, which is the zip code or equivalent.
ShippingAddressState String The code for a US state or the equivalent for other countries.
ShippingAddressPhone String The phone number, in E.123 format.
ShippingAddressNormalizationStatus String The address normalization status. Returned only for payers from Brazil.
ShippingAddressType String The type of address. For example, HOME_OR_WORK, GIFT, and so on.

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