CData Python Connector for Stripe

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Creates, updates, and queries the tax rates that applies to Invoices, Subscriptions, and Checkout Sessions to collect tax.

Table Specific Information


The 本製品 uses the Stripe API to filter the results by the following columns and operators:

  • Id supports the following operator: =.
  • Active supports the following operator: =.
  • Created supports the following operators: >,>=,<,<=,=.
  • Inclusive supports the following operator: =.
  • AccountId supports the following operator: =.

The rest of the filter is executed client-side within the 本製品.

The provider supports the use of all columns as criteria in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements, as long as SupportEnhancedSQL is set to True. If SupportEnhancedSQL property is set to False, you still can retrieve the PaymentMethods:

SELECT * FROM TaxRates WHERE Id = '123124'
SELECT * FROM TaxRates WHERE Active = 'true'
SELECT * FROM TaxRates WHERE Created >= '2023-07-14T05:36:46.000-04:00'
SELECT * FROM TaxRates WHERE Inclusive = 'true'


To create a new tax rate:

INSERT INTO TaxRates (Active, Country, Description, DisplayName, Inclusive, Jurisdiction, Percentage, TaxType) values ('true', 'IN', 'GST', 'GST India.', 'false', 'IN', '18', 'sales_tax')


To modify a tax rate, specify the tax rate Id and run an Update statement:

UPDATE TaxRates SET Description='GST for Country India' WHERE Id='123124'


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Id [KEY] String True

The Id of the tax rates

Active Boolean False

Defaults to true. When set to false, this tax rate cannot be used with new applications or Checkout Sessions, but still works for subscriptions and invoices that already have it set.

Country String False

A two-letter country code.

Created Datetime True

The time at which the object was created. Measured in seconds since the Unix epoch.

Description String False

An arbitrary string attached to the tax rate for your internal use only. It is not visible to your customers.

DisplayName String False

The display name of the tax rates as it appears to your customer on their receipt email, PDF, and the hosted invoice page.

EffectivePercentage Double True

The actual/effective tax rate percentage out of 100.

Inclusive Boolean False

Specifies if the tax rate is inclusive or exclusive.

Jurisdiction String False

The jurisdiction for the tax rate. You can use this label field for tax reporting purposes.

Livemode Boolean True

true if the object is in live mode andfalse if in test mode.

Metadata String False

The set of key/value pairs that you can attach to a value list object.

Percentage Double False

The tax rate percentage out of 100.

State String False

An ISO 3166-2 subdivision code, without country prefix.

TaxType String False

The high-level tax type, such as vat or sales_tax.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。amusement_tax, communications_tax, gst, hst, igst, jct, lease_tax, pst, qst, rst, sales_tax, service_tax, vat


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似カラムフィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
AccountId String

The Id of the connected account to get topups for.

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