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Returns a list of Issuing Card objects.

Table Specific Information


Server-Side Query Support

The 本製品 uses the Stripe API to filter the results by the following columns and operators while the rest of the filter is executed client-side within the 本製品.

  • Id support the following operator: =.
  • Cardholder support the following operator: =.
  • Type support the following operator: =.
  • Created support the following operator: =.
  • ExpMonth support the following operator: =.
  • ExpYear support the following operator: =.
  • Last4 support the following operator: =.
  • Status support the following operator: =.

The provider supports the use of all columns as criteria in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements, as long as SupportEnhancedSQL is set to True. If SupportEnhancedSQL property is set to False, you still can retrieve:

To query the IssuingCards we can try the below queries.

SELECT * FROM IssuingCards

SELECT * from IssuingCards where id = 'ic_1Mwg8K2eZvKYlo2C90clp5gj'

SELECT * from IssuingCards where Last4 = '0921'


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The id of files.
CancellationReason String The reason why the card was canceled.
Currency String Three-letter ISO currency code, in lowercase. Must be a supported currency.
Created Datetime Time at which the object was created. Measured in seconds since the Unix epoch.
CardholderId String Unique identifier for the object.
CardholderObject String String representing the objects type. Objects of the same type share the same value.
CardholderBillingAddress String The cardholders billing address.
CardholderIsCompanyTaxIdProvided Boolean Whether the companys business ID number was provided.
CardholderCreated Datetime Time at which the object was created. Measured in seconds since the Unix epoch.
CardholderEmail String The cardholders email address.
CardholderIndividual String Additional information about an individual cardholder.
CardholderName String The cardholders name. This will be printed on cards issued to them.
CardholderPhoneNumber String The cardholders phone number. This is required for all cardholders who will be creating EU cards. See the 3D Secure documentation for more details.
CardholderPreferredLocales String The cardholders preferred locales (languages), ordered by preference.
CardholderRequirementsDisabledReason String If disabled_reason is present, all cards will decline authorizations with cardholder_verification_required reason.
CardholderRequirementsPastDue String Array of fields that need to be collected in order to verify and re-enable the cardholder.
CardholderSpendingControlsAllowedCategories String Array of strings containing categories of authorizations to allow. All other categories will be blocked. Cannot be set with blocked_categories.
CardholderSpendingControlsBlockedCategories String Array of strings containing categories of authorizations to decline. All other categories will be allowed. Cannot be set with allowed_categories.
CardholderSpendingControlsSpendingLimits String Limit spending with amount-based rules that apply across this cardholders cards.
CardholderSpendingControlsSpendingLimitsCurrency String Currency of the amounts within spending_limits.
CardholderStatus String Specifies whether to permit authorizations on this cardholders cards.
CardholderType String One of individual or company. See Choose a cardholder type for more details.
ExpMonth Integer The expiration month of the card.
ExpYear Integer The expiration year of the card.
Last4 String The last 4 digits of the card number.
MetadataAggregate String The set of key/value pairs that you can attach to a an object.
Status String Whether authorizations can be approved on this card. May be blocked from activating cards depending on past-due Cardholder requirements. Defaults to inactive.
Type String The type of the card.
Object String String representing the objects type. Objects of the same type share the same value.
Brand String The brand of the card.
CVC String The cards CVC. For security reasons, this is only available for virtual cards.
Livemode Boolean Has the value true if the object exists in live mode or the value false if the object exists in test mode.
Number String The full unredacted card number.
ReplacedBy String The latest card that replaces this card, if any.
ReplacementFor String The card this card replaces, if any.
ReplacementReason String The reason why the previous card needed to be replaced.
ShippingAddress String Shipping address.
ShippingCarrier String The delivery company that shipped a card.
ShippingCustoms String Additional information that may be required for clearing customs.
ShippingETA String A unix timestamp representing a best estimate of when the card will be delivered.
ShippingName String Recipient name.
ShippingPhoneNumber String The phone number of the receiver of the shipment
ShippingRequireSignature Boolean Whether a signature is required for card delivery.
ShippingService String Shipment service, such as standard or express.
ShippingStatus String The delivery status of the card.
ShippingTrackingNumber String A tracking number for a card shipment.
ShippingTrackingURL String A link to the shipping carriers site where you can view detailed information about a card shipment.
ShippingType String Packaging options.
SpendingControlsAllowedCategories String
SpendingControlsBlockedCategories String
SpendingControlsSpendingLimits String
SpendingControlsSpendingLimitsCurrency String
WalletsApplePay String
WalletsGooglePay String
WalletsPrimaryAccountIdentifier String


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似カラムフィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
AccountId String The Id of the connected account to get files for.

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