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Get the available subscriptions of a Customer.

Table Specific Information


Server-Side Query Support

The 本製品 uses the Stripe API to filter the results by the following columns and operators while the rest of the filter is executed client-side within the 本製品.

  • AccountId support the following operators: =.

The provider supports the use of all columns as criteria in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements, as long as the SupportEnhancedSQL property is set to True. If the SupportEnhancedSQL property is set to False, you still can query all Customer Subscriptions:

SELECT * FROM CustomerSubscriptions


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The Id of the Subscription object.
CustomerId String


The Id of the customer.
PlanId String


The Id of the plan.
ApplicationFeePercent Decimal A positive decimal that represents the fee percentage of the subscription invoice amount that will be transferred to the application of the Stripe account owner each billing period.
AutomaticTaxEnabled Boolean Automatic tax settings for this subscription.
BillingCycleAnchor Datetime Determines the date of the first full invoice, and, for plans with month or year intervals, the day of the month for subsequent invoices.
BillingThreshold String Define thresholds at which an invoice will be sent, and the subscription advanced to a new billing period
CanceledAt Datetime If the subscription has been canceled, the date of that cancellation. If the subscription was canceled with cancel_at_period_end, canceled_at will still reflect the date of the initial cancellation request, not the end of the subscription period when the subscription is automatically moved to a canceled state.
CurrentPeriodEnd Datetime End of the current period that the subscription has been invoiced for. At the end of this period, a new invoice will be created.
CurrentPeriodStart Datetime Start of the current period that the subscription has been invoiced for.
Currency String Three-letter ISO currency code, in lowercase. Must be a supported currency.
Description String The subscription's description.
DaysUntilDue Integer Number of days a customer has to pay invoices generated by this subscription. This value is null for subscriptions where collection_method=charge_automatically
DefaultSource String Id of the default payment source for the subscription.
DefaultTaxRates String The tax rates that will apply to any subscription item that does not have tax_rates set. Invoices created will have their default_tax_rates populated from the subscription.
EndedAt Datetime If the subscription has ended (either because it was canceled or because the customer was switched to a subscription to a new plan), the date the subscription ended.
Quantity Double The quantity of the plan to which the customer should be subscribed. For example, if your plan is $10/user/month, and your customer has 5 users, you could pass 5 as the quantity to have the customer charged $50 (5 x $10) monthly.
Schedule String The schedule attached to the subscription
TestClock String Id of the test clock this customer belongs to.
TransferData String The account (if any) the subscription's payments will be attributed to for tax reporting, and where funds from each payment will be transferred to for each of the subscription's invoices.
MetadataAggregate String The set of key/value pairs that you can attach to a subscription object.
LiveMode Boolean Has the value true if the object exists in live mode or the value false if the object exists in test mode.
LatestInvoice String Three-letter ISO currency code, in lowercase. Must be a supported currency.
NextPendingInvoiceItemInvoice Datetime Specifies the approximate timestamp on which any pending invoice items will be billed according to the schedule provided at pending_invoice_item_interval
PauseCollection String If specified, payment collection for this subscription will be paused.
PaymentSettings String Payment settings passed on to invoices created by the subscription.
PendingSetupIntent String You can use this SetupIntent to collect user authentication when creating a subscription without immediate payment or updating a subscription's payment method, allowing you to optimize for off-session payments.
PendingUpdate String If specified, pending updates that will be applied to the subscription once the latest_invoice has been paid.


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似カラムフィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
AccountId String The Id of the connected account to get customer discounts for

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