CData Python Connector for Stripe

Build 23.0.8839


To confirm that your customer intends to pay with current or provided payment method.

Stored Procedure Specific Information

Stripe allows only a small subset of columns to be used in the Exec query. These columns can typically be used with only = comparison. For example:

EXECUTE ConfirmPaymentIntent PaymentIntentId = 'pi_3OduT9SC4snQ4WkO0PcKjrqt'


Name Type Description
PaymentIntentId String The PaymentIntent Id.
PaymentMethod String ID of the payment method (a PaymentMethod, Card, or compatible Source object) to attach to this PaymentIntent.
ReceiptEmail String Email address that the receipt for the resulting payment will be sent to. If receipt_email is specified for a payment in live mode, a receipt will be sent regardless of your email settings.
SetupFutureUsage String Indicates that you intend to make future payments with this PaymentIntent's payment method.
Shipping String Shipping information for this PaymentIntent.
CaptureMethod String Controls when the funds will be captured from the customer's account.
ErrorOnRequiresAction String Set to true to fail the payment attempt if the PaymentIntent transitions into requires_action. This parameter is intended for simpler integrations that do not handle customer actions, like saving cards without authentication.
Mandate String ID of the mandate that's used for this payment.
MandateData String This hash contains details about the mandate to create.
OffSession String Set to true to indicate that the customer isn't in your checkout flow during this payment attempt and can't authenticate.
PaymentMethodData String If provided, this hash will be used to create a PaymentMethod. The new PaymentMethod will appear in the payment_method property on the PaymentIntent.
PaymentMethodOptions String Payment method-specific configuration for this PaymentIntent.
PaymentMethodTypes String The list of payment method types (for example, a card) that this PaymentIntent can use.
RadarOptions String Options to configure Radar.
ReturnUrl String The URL to redirect your customer back to after they authenticate or cancel their payment on the payment method's app or site. If you'd prefer to redirect to a mobile application, you can alternatively supply an application URI scheme. This parameter is only used for cards and other redirect-based payment methods.
UseStripeSdk String Set to true when confirming server-side and using Stripe.js, iOS, or Android client-side SDKs to handle the next actions.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Success String Execution status of the stored procedure

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