ADO.NET Provider for Stripe

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CData ADO.NET Provider for Stripe ビュー

Name Description
AvailableBalance Query the Available Balance in Stripe.
BalanceChangeFromActivitySummaryReport Query the Balance change from activity summary report in Stripe.
BalanceSummaryReport Query the Balance Summary report in Stripe.
BalanceTransactions Query Balance History in Stripe.
CashBalance Get the cash balance for the customer.
CountrySpecs Query the available Country Specs in Stripe.
CustomerSubscriptions Get the available subscriptions of a Customer.
EarlyFraudWarning Query an early fraud reported by the customer.
EndingBalanceReconciliationSummaryReport Query the Ending balance reconciliation summary report in Stripe.
Events Query the available events in Stripe.
Files Retrieves a file hosted on Stripe's servers.
InvoiceDiscounts Get the available discounts of invoices in Stripe.
InvoiceItemDiscounts Get the available discounts from invoices items in Stripe.
InvoiceLineItemDiscounts Get the available discounts from invoices line items in Stripe.
InvoiceLineItems Query the available invoices line items in Stripe.
ItemizedBalanceChangeFromActivityReport Query the Itemized balance change from Activity report in Stripe.
ItemizedEndingBalanceReconciliationReport Query the Itemized ending balance change from activity report in Stripe.
ItemizedPayoutReconciliationReport Query the Itemized payout reconciliation report in Stripe.
ItemizedPayoutsReport Query the Itemized payouts report in Stripe.
ItemizedReconciliationForASinglePayoutReport Query the Itemized reconciliation for a single payout report in Stripe.
Orders Query the available orders in Stripe.
PaymentLinkLineItems Query the available PaymentLink line items in Stripe.
PayoutsReconciliationSummaryForASinglePayoutReport Payouts reconciliation summary for a single payout in Stripe.
PayoutsReconciliationSummaryReport Query the Payouts reconciliation summary report in Stripe.
PayoutsSummaryReport Query the Payouts summary report in Stripe.
PendingBalance Query the available balance in Stripe.
Reports To Create and Query the Report Run object, which represents an instance of a report type generated with specific run parameters.
Reviews Queries the reviews.
Skus Query the available SKUs in Stripe.

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Build 23.0.8771