Tableau Connector for Stripe

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Query the Balance Summary report in Stripe.

Table Specific Information

It is used to query the Balance Summary report in Stripe.

Note: It requires a live-mode API key which we can set using the LiveAPIKey connection property. The view will not be visible without mentioning the LiveAPIKey.

Creating the Report

To create a report we need to pass some required parameters.

  • ParametersIntervalStart
  • ParametersIntervalEnd

To create a report we can also pass some optional parameters.

  • ParametersColumns
  • ParametersCurrency
  • ParametersTimezone

// This will first create the new Report and display that report. Report Creation takes time once it is created will display the report.
SELECT * from BalanceSummaryReport where ParametersIntervalStart = '2020-12-27' and ParametersIntervalEnd = '2020-12-28' 


To query the report we can try the below queries.

SELECT * FROM BalanceSummaryReport where Id IN (Select Id from Reports where report_type='balance.summary.1')
SELECT * FROM BalanceSummaryReport where Id IN ('frr_1I54dkATXQzBWNrlnaavpHGe', 'frr_1I3I59ATXQzBWNrl9VcczrDY') // This will show multiple reports
SELECT * FROM BalanceSummaryReport where Id='frr_1I480mATXQzBWNrlYQRaLQ9x' // This will show a respective report


Name Type References Description
Category String One of starting_balance, ending_balance, activity or payouts.
Description String One of Starting balance (YYYY-MM-DD) - the balance at the start of the period, Activity - the net amount of all transactions that affected your balance except for payouts, Less payouts - the amount of payouts to your bank account, or Ending balance (YYYY-MM-DD) - the balance left over at the end of the period after subtracting payouts from the Starting balance and Activity.
Net_Amount Decimal Net amount for the transactions associated with category. Expressed in major units of the currency (e.g. dollars for USD, yen for JPY).
Currency String Three-letter ISO code for the currency in which net_amount is defined.
Id String


Unique identifier for the reports run object.
ParametersIntervalEnd Datetime Ending timestamp of data to be included in the report run (exclusive).
ParametersIntervalStart Datetime Starting timestamp of data to be included in the report run.
ParametersColumns String The set of output columns requested for inclusion in the report run.
ParametersCurrency String Currency of objects to be included in the report run.
ParametersTimezone String Defaults to Etc/UTC. The output timezone for all timestamps in the report.

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Build 21.0.7930