Tableau Connector for Stripe

Build 21.0.7930

Configuring a Connection

The connector comes with a connection builder which allows you to build and test your connection settings outside of Tableau. It also allows you to create a connection string, which can be used to provide options not listed in the connection dialog in Tableau.

Configuring a Connection Builder

There are two ways to access the connection builder:

  • On Windows, there will be a shortcut called Connection Builder in the start menu, under the CData Stripe Tableau Data Connector folder.
  • The connection builder can also be started by going to the driver install directory and running the .jar file in the lib directory.

In the connection builder, you can set values for connection properties and click the Test Connection button to validate that they work. You can also use the Copy to Clipboard button to save the connection string for use with Tableau.

Connecting to Stripe

You can optionally set the following to refine the data returned from Stripe.

  • AccountId: Set this to the Connected Account Id which you would like to get data for. To get the account Id, navigate to the stripe dashboard and click on connected accounts from the left hand menu. You can get the account id from the connected accounts list.

Authenticating to Stripe

Stripe supports both the OAuth authentication standard, and authenticating with an API Key.

Using Live API Key Authentication

Set the AuthScheme to APIKey. From the Stripe dashboard, navigate to Developers --> API keys --> Secret key --> Reveal live API Key and set LiveAPIKey to this value.

Using OAuth Authentication

InitiateOAuth: Set this to GETANDREFRESH. You can use InitiateOAuth to avoid repeating the OAuth exchange and manually setting the OAuthAccessToken. .

AuthScheme - Set this to OAuth.

CData embeds an OAuth application into the connector so you can connect without setting any connection properties for your user credentials. When you connect, the connector opens the OAuth endpoint in your default browser. Log in and grant permissions to the application. The connector then completes the OAuth process. For more information on the Embedded Credentials or information on creating a custom OAuth application, refer to our Using OAuth Authentication guide.

Next Step

See Getting Data for the next step, which includes authenticating to the Stripe APIs.

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Build 21.0.7930