Excel Add-In for ServiceNow

Build 23.0.8839


Upload a file as an attachment to a specified record.


Name Type Required Description
TableName String True Name of the table to attach the file to.
TableSysId String True Sys_id of the record in the table specified by TableName that you want to attach the file to.
FileName String False Name to give the attachment including extension. FileName is optional only if LocalPath is specified.
LocalPath String False The local attachment path.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
SysId String Sys_id of the attachment file.
FileName String File name of the attachment.
TableSysId String Sys_id of the table associated with the attachment.
TableName String Name of the table to which the attachment is associated.
DownloadLink String Download URL of the attachment on the ServiceNow instance.
ContentType String Content-type of the associated attachment file, such as image or jpeg or application/x-shockwave-flash.
SizeBytes String Size of the attachment in bytes.
ChunkSizeBytes String The chunk size in bytes.
Compressed String Flag that indicates whether the attachment file has been compressed.
SizeCompressed String Size of the compressed attachment file in bytes. If the file is not compressed, empty.
SysTags String Any system tags associated with the attachment file.
ImageHeight String If an image file, the height of the image.
ImageWidth String If an image file, the width of the image.
AverageImageColor String If the attachment is an image, the sum of all colors.
SysModCount String Number of times the attachment file has been modified (uploaded to the instance).
Hash String The attachment's hash.
State String The attachment's current state.
SysUpdatedBy String Entity that last updated the attachment file.
SysUpdatedOn String Date and time that the attachment file was last updated.
SysCreatedBy String Entity that originally created the attachment file.
SysCreatedOn String Date and time that the attachment file was initially saved to the instance.

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Build 23.0.8839