CData Python Connector for ServiceNow

Build 23.0.8839


Lists all catalog items.


Name Type References Description
ID [KEY] String Unique identifier of the item.
Name String Name of the item.
ShortDescription String Brief description of the item.
Price String Price of item expressed in the currency defined by PriceCurrency
PriceCurrency String Country currency code for which the item price is expressed.
Type String Type of the item.
Description String Detailed description of the item.
Icon String Source of the small icon displayed beside the item name.
URL String The URL of this item.
Picture String Path to the image to display for the item.
KBArticle String Knowledge based article associated with the item.
MandatoryAttachment Boolean The number of the comment local to the bug. The Description is 0, comments start with 1.
RequestMethod String The login name of the comment's author.
VisibleStandalone Boolean A flag indicating whether this item is visible as standalone or not.
LocalCurrency String Country currency code for the local currency.
SystemClassName String Table to which the record belongs, such as sc_cat_item_producer.
Order Int Pre-defined order to which the item belongs.
RecurringPrice Decimal Amount of the recurring fee associated with the item.
RecurringPriceCurrency String Country currency code for which the recurring fees are expressed.
LocalizedPrice Decimal Price of the item expressed in the currency defined by LocalCurrency.
LocalizedRecurringPrice Decimal Price of the recurring fee expressed in the currency defined by local_currency.
Category String Array of categories that contain this item.
Catalogs String Array of the catalogs that contain this item.

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Build 23.0.8839